Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Father Tim, you've made my day.


Father Tim said...

Oh - you're going to be double banned for being so pleased about it!

When will you traddies learn?

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

I don't get it. Can you explain?

I've been trying to figure out this "Spirit of Vatican 2" thing, ever since coming across the first "I've been banned" blog.

I'm sometimes slow on the uptake.

Pilgrim said...

Catholic Wife and Mother,
It's sorta like the enemy of my enemy is my friend kinda thing. If you get banned by SOV2, you must be doing something right. It's not great logic, but hey, we're just having fun.
You HAVE been to their website, right?
Bring your sense of humor.

Therese said...

hry pilgrim. seems we got banned together. You and I are in great company.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Yeah, Pilgrim. I have been there. I guess I brought my sense of humor in the wrong way.

I thought it was a parody. No?!?!?

Trent said...

I am just curious what father tim thinks of protestants. Father Tim?

Trent said...

When you left that "one true faith" comment on my blog I figured you were a Muslim. Now, I am just not sure what you are. A Catholic with a sense of humor?

Pilgrim said...

Trent, I am most definitely the latter. But I wasn't being funny when I called the Catholic Church the One True Faith. It is.