Monday, October 22, 2007

The best thing about homeschooling is that I get to color, too!


Carolina Cannonball said...

I will hand to you homeschoolers, you come up wioth some creative stuff!

I suppliment my sons learning with homeschooling resources. Dont get me wrong, I wish I had the patience and the spouse that allowed for me to homeschool. :-)

Pilgrim said...

Hey CC,
Well, we try to have fun. I supplemented when my oldest was in Catholic school, too.
About patience... they drive me nuts at least part of most days. But I also love being with them. I come from a long ancestry of screamers and I have very little patience, but homeschooling is making it grow. :)
I was a single mom BTW who met & married the Catholic man of my dreams who was then killed in a car accident while I was pregnant with number 2. So now I'm a widow with 2 kids.
A husband and father is so important for a family, especially when homeschooling. BUT, if God calls one to do something like homeschooling, one should do it, even if the situation isn't perfect.