Monday, October 1, 2007

Breaking News! Catechist Actually Expects Young Catholic to Learn the Faith!

This is the book for my 11 year old daughter's catechism class. It's an amazing series of sermons by St. Thomas which he delivered during the last year of his life. Apparently, they were so well-constructed for the common man that people in his native Naples flocked to them. I have read the first chapter AND I'm very impressed.
If only I had this sort of meat when I was growing up, I might not have had years of darkness.
What atheist could EVER match wits or, more importantly, sanctity with St. Thomas?
St. Thomas was my husband's favorite saint. I bought him a small pewter statue about a year before he died. I knew he liked it but I never knew how much until after. This statue was in his pocket when he died and I now thankfully have it safely in my living room.
Sancte Thomas, ora pro nobis.
Thank you God for You, St. Thomas, my husband, my children, our parish, the catechists who chose this book, and the TLM which nourishes us all!


the Mom said...

Hi. I tagged you for a meme back at my place.

Annie said...

My teachers are very good teachers. Especially together they are great.